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Cyneburg’s Black Bolt

Cyneburg's Black BoltAward of the Black Bolt
Persona: Cyneburg
Presented on 6/6/2015 at Castle Fever – At the Castle

Presenting Royalty: Tom II and Sigrid II

Based on the Rule of St Benedict, with a calendar. England, S. E. (Canterbury). Last quarter of the 10th century, or 1st quarter of the 11th century. Original:

Duchess Anne’s Great Bear

Award of the Great Bear for Duchess Anne

Award of the Great Bear
Duchesss Anne Geoffrey of Warwick

Presented 04/11/2015
at the Coronation of Tom and Sigrid and by their hands.

Based on the Letter ‘B’ – Opera dianto nella quale vedrete molte caratteri di lettere – Antonio Schiratti – 1600-1615  (

Modified to show a bear playing with a compass rose to personize it for the recipient and the award.

Kolfinna’s Pyxis

Finished scrollOrder of the Pyxis
For Kolfinna Hrafnkelsdottir

The Pyxis is a non-armigerous award given for putting forth great effort at researching, creating and maintaining a period persona and atmosphere. Therefore, I made this scroll to be a pair of temple rings, bearing the badge of the order, that would be period for the recipient.

Presented on 1/10/2015 at Nordskogen 40th Anniversary Twelfth Night Celebration
Presenting Royalty: Vladimir II and Petranella II