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Cadel research part 2!

This is the updated version of my previous research project where in I tried out a new material for experimentation. The first time I worked on this manuscript reproduction, I used leaf gold because I had surmised that it would probably be done that way. After I dug deeper into things, I realized that shell gold was a good option and that there were hints in the details of the piece to point in that direction. I made a new sample area of both gold and grisaille work to see.
Shell gold cadel PDF copy of my documentation: Cadel – part 2 – shell gold


Display at Kingdom A&S
2015-04-26 19.26.14

Duchess Anne’s Great Bear

Award of the Great Bear for Duchess Anne

Award of the Great Bear
Duchesss Anne Geoffrey of Warwick

Presented 04/11/2015
at the Coronation of Tom and Sigrid and by their hands.

Based on the Letter ‘B’ – Opera dianto nella quale vedrete molte caratteri di lettere – Antonio Schiratti – 1600-1615  (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3002/3096196183_aa86efd52c_b.jpg)

Modified to show a bear playing with a compass rose to personize it for the recipient and the award.