Northshield Scroll Blank Challenge

The deadline for this challenge is Spring Coronation, Saturday April 11, 2015. Please do not wait until the last minute to get your scrolls turned in. I will begin accepting scrolls in person starting at Boar’s Head and they can always be mailed to me as well. My address and the events I will be attending are on the NS site.

Goal: 100 scroll blanks! Their Royal Highnesses, Tom and Sigrid, have requested this drive to refill our on-hand stock of scroll blanks and for use as gifts to our neighboring Kingdom allies. I would *love* to present them with more the the goal but every single award blank will be truly appreciated no matter the number we reach.

Special request: Because these scroll blanks may not all be used in Kingdom, we are requesting that you do not include Northshield award badges on them. Feel free to leave a blank space for an award badge or person’s device.

Guidelines: Please use the best quality materials that you can reasonably use (gouache and bristol board  -to make it okay for calligraphy – as the base minimum ). I have spare supplies that I will bring to events and hand out to anyone who needs them. The best resource if you have questions is the Northshield Scribal Standards  ( but you can also post to FB, email the scribal list and email me directly. I am happy to help! We prefer scrolls that are easy for the recipient to frame so take a look at this handy reference for paper / mat sizing:

Historical Design: Scrolls are an amazing gift that each artist passes on to the Royalty to give out with their awards. As a historical recreation group, we are constantly striving to make our work more period (and there are lot of time periods to choose from). Please focus on a medieval look to your scrolls for this challenge. I am happy to help provide reference images and good websites / books to look at for references.

While I will not be scoring this like a contest, I want to reward the amazing and incredible work put forth by our scribes. Instead of ‘prizes’ for the most quantity or best quality, I am setting up drawing for a few high end prize and each scroll blank gets your name in the hat one time.

Prizes include:

  • Pilot Plumix Fountain Pen (great for calligraphy!)
  • Finetec Artist Color Gold Set (set of 6 colors)
  • Haff Ruling Pen
  • 10 Pack of 11” x 14” Pergamenata
  • Dinky Dips multiple ink holder
  • …. and more!


Thank you!

THL Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan

MKA Jeanie Davan

Barony of Jararvellir

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